Dr. Steven Thompson- Exotic Animal Medicine

About Steven Thompson, DVM, Diplomate ABVP

Steven Thompson Headshot

He leads the Primary Care dog, cat and exotic pet rotations for 3rd and 4th year DVM and RVT student rotations and is affiliated with Purdue’s Center for the Human – Animal Bond and Center for Animal Welfare Science. He has authored a chapter on pharmacotherapy for phobias and research articles and abstracts related to feline urologic disorders, vaccines and immunology, surgery and pain management in conservation research with endangered species and veterinary practice economics for veterinary students. He served on the AAHA canine life stage wellness taskforce and the 2012 and subsequent 2019 update publications of these guidelines. He has presented topics at international meetings, including exotic pet and zoo conservation meetings, in Canada, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Budapest and Japan. He is involved with several conservation organizations and has provided veterinary care in wildlife cooperatives with the US Fish & Wildlife service as well as the Ohio, Michigan and Indiana DNR related to Peregrine Falcons, Whooping Cranes, River Otters, Hellbender salamanders and Timber Rattlesnakes.

Presentation Synopsis

1. Common GI problems of Ferrets
2. Dietary Disorders in Rabbits
3. Dental Disease in Exotic Companion Mammals
4. Small Mammal Dermatology
5. Tortoise Overview – Don’t be frightened by the Shell
6. America’s Favorite Lizard – Dragon medicine
7. Drs who DooAlot for ALittle Guy: Reptile or Avian case presentations/interactive discussion