• Well done managing the CE remotely.  I look forward to joining another VetVactaionCE! Brooke D, DVM 09/05/2020
    • Amazing lecturers in beautiful settings. We all need a Vacation CE. Coordinators always present, welcoming and responsive. Very well run and can’t wait for next conference- virtual or in-person. Deborah T, DVM 08/28/2020
    • July CE session, which for the record were great. The presenters were very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you, Carla M, DVM
    • This is my second VetVacation CE and I have loved both of them!! Definitely planning to attend one every year!
      Amy C, DVM 07/22/2020
    • July CE session, which for the record were great. The presenters were very knowledgeable and informative.
      Thank you, Carla M, DVM
    • Thank y'all for providing the CE via Zoom!  It is what I needed being ER clinician.  I hope to attend one of the onsite Vet Vacation CE! Stacey S, DVM 07/16/2020
    • I really liked the speakers and you can't beat the convenience 🙂 Derek O, DVM 07/16/2020
    • This is an amazing group who puts together excellent speakers. This is a must!! Craig C DVM ACVIM - Oncology 06/29/2020
    • I have really enjoyed my CE education through Vet Vacation CE!  I will certainly be attending again in the future (hopefully not virtually)  Ashley S, DVM 08/19/20 
    • I thought the virtual format worked really well and both speakers adapted to the new challenge. Thank you for putting this together during this crazy time. Even though I am a clinical pathologist I found most of the topics engaging and refreshing. Hopefully someday I can attend in a more exotic location than my living room. I am a clinical pathologist with IDEXX. I may sign up for the upcoming CE if work will give me the time off! Liz L, DVM 05/18/2020
    • I think they (Online Meeting on Clinical Pathology and Dermatology, Dr.s Holly Brown and Dr. Paul Bloom) were some of the absolutely very best classes that I have attended in my 45 years of practice. Austin S, DVM 06/23/2020
    • Just wanted to send you a thank you note to let you know I really enjoyed the meeting. I’ve been in practice almost 50 years and it’s still very refreshing to have speakers who are on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. Every time you think you know it all you realize that you don’t,  especially when you listen to speakers like you arranged for this meeting. Hope to meet you one day at one of your live VetVacation CE meetings .
      Best, Andy GDVM 06/18/2020
    • I really enjoyed the conference and I appreciate the effort that it took to successfully switch it to a distance learning format. I look forward to attending another one of your seminars, hopefully in person the next time. Douglas B, DVM 05/18/2020
    • I enjoyed all of the speakers and topics and since I am no longer in regular private practice, I found the review of radiology and chronic diarrhea, and improving my diagnosis particularly helpful as a good review. I thoroughly enjoyed the Oncology lectures, and particularly the feline topics. Amy S E, DVM 
    • I was very impressed with the CE I just did with you last week (Online May 2020 conference) and would like to sign up for June's web-based CE also, all 3 days. Jevon C, DVM 05/17/20
    • I am very thankful that VetVacationCE offered this online meeting!  I look forward to signing up for one in person for 2021 CE.I hope to catch you in the Bahamas as I will be there at that time on Cat Island, just a short flight away.I have signed up for two out of three days for the June on line conference.  You had asked for feedback on this meeting.  The format worked well with the polls, Q & A option and presentations.   Dr. Hohenhaus was excellent at presenting the material.  She remained on task and gave us good clinical information.  Dr. Fox is extremely knowledgeable and shared good clinical information. Toni C, DVM 5/14/2020
    • Thanks for being awesome. Jaclyn W DVM 05/14/2020
    • Was thrilled with this format. Looking forward to this type of presentation again - David T DVM Online Webinar Live Interactive 05/14/2020
    • I'm really pleased with the CE, even though it's not in Charleston.  Quality of the speakers is great.  For me I would utilize this format in the future.  Though 6AM was early today! - Jevon C DVM Online Webinar Live Interactive 05/14/2020
    • It was really good compared to some live webinars! - Mark C DVM ONLINE Webinar Live Interactive 05/14/2020
    • Looking to get a start on planning our 2021 CE. Went to your CE in Mont-Tremblant and had a fabulous time. Thanks.  - Dr. Sarah L Mont Tremblant 05/13/2020
    • Thank you so much for the excellent virtual conference. I enjoyed every minute of it from the comfort of my home. Would not mind doing more of the same. The doctors were great..very pertinent and usable information. Wondering if you could make the talks available? Thank you again, - Soniya S DVM Online Webinar 5/12/20
    • I just wanted to say what a great experience I had at the conference.  I was raving about it to my colleagues at work today.  It’s a wonderful format and Drs Harris and Oglesbee were phenomenal.  You will certainly be seeing me again in the future!
      Jasmin K DVM Charleston - 04/02/20
    • Excellent presentation by Dr. Larocca on ophthalmology. He did a great job at addressing topics which are applicable in clinical practice. Jack and Joel did an awesome job at making the experience a memorable one. Dr. Allen was also very informative. Will definitely be doing another Vet vacation CE. Please keep me on the list for info on future dates and locations.
      Dr. Dena L - 02/21/20
    • I loved Dr. Larocca's lectures because I can apply the knowledge to my job in GP (fundic exam, glaucoma, cataracts, etc.).
      Anonymous -02/25/20
    • Vet Vacation Glacier 2019We've had the best time. We love these speakers. Both are very entertaining with lots of great info. This is a beautiful venue! Vet Vacation CE is the total package!
      Amanda A, DVM - 06/19/19
    • Glacier VacationLoved Glacier last year, counting down the days until Aspen this year!!!
      Julia K C -T DVM, Mannington,WV - 05/31/19
    • PUERTO RICO VACATIONThe speakers and info have been very practical. I’ll come to another meeting!
      Katy C H, Texas - 02/25/19
    • CURACAO VACATIONI cannot say enough good things about Vet Vacation CE! My 2 colleagues and I visited the beautiful island of Curacao- not only was the location and resort amazing, Jack did a fantastic job picking speakers (Dr. Bloom and Dr. Acierno) who not only taught us new things but practical things that I can take back and use! This will definitely not be our last Vet Vacation CE!
      Hannah D, Tennessee - 01/17/19
    • CURACAO VACATIONAwesome CE. Speakers were wonderful with lots of practical information to use in clinic. Curacao was beautiful and the weather could not have been better. A nice break from the Canadian winter. Can't wait to see where they will be hosting next year.
      Julie D Ontario - 01/15/19
    • CURACAO VACATIONAttended the one in Curaçao and absolutely loved it! As a business owner and mother of small children, I never seem to be able to take a vacation. This CE provided exactly what I needed: time away with my family, 3 days of 1/2 day classes so I can still spend time with my family, and 15 hours of usable knowledge transfer. I definitely plan to do one a year to be able to keep up with my CE requirements and have an annual vacation with my family in beautiful places. Definitely recommend attending one!
      Ashley Isabell G, South Carolina - 01/15/19
    • ST CROIX USVI VACTIONDefinitely recommend to get CE in a beautiful location. I attended the conference in St Croix and absolutely cannot wait to go back to the island. Schedule is perfect for getting in your CE hours while also allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. Will definitely attend another one.
      Britt K, Illinois - 12/12/18
    • ASHEVILLE VET VACATIONReally well done overall, would recommend your website/company to other vets 🙂
      Claire P, DVM, Maryland - 06/20/18
    • NEW YORK VET VACATIONWell organized, great location in the city! Organizers were extremely kind.
      Elizabeth S., VMD, Pennsylvania - 06/19/18
    • NAPA VET VACATIONI went with a friend and had a blast in the Napa area. The content of the lecture was good. The facilities were beautiful. Best food I've had at a vet CE
      Ella A, DVM, Georgia - 06/05/18
    • KEY WEST VET VACATIONNice schedule, excellent speakers! I liked the included breakfast too! The Perry hotel was wonderful
      Kendal F., DVM Kentucky - 05/11/18
    • ARUBA VET VACATIONKeep at it. I liked the intimacy of a small group as I often don’t meet others at conferences because they are just so big. I am sure you want some more attendees but don’t get too big! I enjoyed the chance to meet the other docs at breakfast and the cocktail reception. If you ever do another on Aruba I highly recommend a visit to the donkey sanctuary and baby beach at the tip!
      Rose B., DVM - 04/03/18
    • WHISTLER VET VACATIONLocation, Dr. Swinger, small numbers in class, food offered, timing, hours, Joel Beth coordinator
      Kirk A., DVM, Hawaii - 03/15/18
    • WHISTLER VET VACATIONI loved the relaxed atmosphere and timing of lectures. Interesting learning topics! This was a great experience and I would like to book another CE next year. And the year after!
      Susanne S, DVM Massachusetts - 02/23/18
    • SAVANNAH VET VACATIONThe entire experience was outstanding! Lectures were fantastic. Topics were on point. Days were broken up to provide CE, time to reflect on topics and relax at the same time.
      Bill J., DVM, Georgia - 01/02/18
    • GLACIER VET VACATIONLoved that it wasn’t all day and that the sessions were small and intimate! Also loved the location and the fact that there wasn’t a trade show involved. No pushy sales reps.
      Lisa S, DVM, Ohio - 12/10/17
    • GLACIER VET VACATIONExcellent speakers ... really brought some excellent points up and helpful NEW information!
      Kate L., DVM, Montana - 11/12/17
    • GLACIER VET VACATIONLoved location and content of the lectures
      Don R., DVM, Arizona - 10/17/1