• AUSTIN - I recently attended the CE in Austin as a DVM. It was honestly amazing for my first ce and I learned a lot, you had some really good speakers. JESUS M, DVM 04/16/24
    • ONLINE EXPERIENCE - Thank you—the Zoom meetings are really great—you’re speakers have consistently been better than a bunch of the national meetings TABER, DVM 03/27/24
    • HAWKS CAY - THE FLORIDA KEYS If you have thought about VetVacationCE, go ahead and book it! Wonderful location, practical speakers.  So much better than our post covid big conference experiences.  Talks condensed to the morning with minor breaks so you have the rest of the day to read! Nicole SP 12/15/24 posted on Moms With A DVM Book Club.
    • GRAND CAYMAN - I was at the continuing education in Grand Cayman and I had the best time and it feels so good to know that I have gotten all my CE credit hours for the year in one week. I just wanted to let you know that I spent the last day listening to the lectures And watching them on my cell phone poolside… I think that I paid better attention poolside than I did in the lecture hall the entire time… In the lecture hall, sitting there in that uncomfortable chair I was so squirmy and just struggled. I really hope you continue to offer the lectures as a webinar that you can check into for future conferences, because I found that very valuable. MEG K, 05/02/24
    • GRAND CAYMAN I really liked Dr Lynch’s approach to the lectures. I enjoyed the case based format and the amount of relevant information he provided while employing the critical thinking approach to cases. I also enjoyed his positive candor. I really enjoyed that Dr Hammond shared with us on multiple occasions a variety of solutions to each problem in the interest of doing something beneficial for patients, and to discourage unnecessary euthanasia. The conference itself was very well organized and provided quality CE while keeping with the vacation theme. 11/10/23
    • GRAND CAYMAN Well-rounded information. I'm a general practitioner trying to learn more about critical care to help our walk in emergencies that come to us. I feel like I have a good baseline comfort for the discussed cases now. 11/09/23
    • GRAND CAYMAN Short compact days that still allow you to enjoy the location. Notes that can be taken with you. Ability to join via zoom. Talks were super informative-as an ER doc feel like I had good refreshers on multiple relevant topics. 11/09/23
    • GRAND CAYMAN This was a fantastic experience through and through. Thank you! The location is spectacular. The meeting space was comfortable. The food was amazing. The schedule was so well planned out— I was able to get ALMOST my full year of CE at this one event, but the half-day schedule still leaves me feeling like I had a vacation. 11/10/23
    • GRAND CAYMAN I LOVED that we could listen live poolside. Turns out I actually pay attention better when doing that than when sitting in the lecture hall 11/10/23
    • SAVANNAH ONLINE It was a great experience. Will definitely love to attend in person next time 10/20/23
    • SAVANNAH The laid back, informative lectures with great speakers that gave us lots of information that is usable in private practice. The snacks were also great! 10/20/23
    • ZION NATIONAL PARK I really appreciated that both Dr. Gardner and Dr. Robertson were so approachable. They both have such a wealth of knowledge but their passion to share that to improve our industry and the care we give our patients really came across. Megan H, DVM  10/20/23
    • ZION NATIONAL PARK I was able to spend 5 days with family, hiking , biking, horseback riding, Narrows, Angels Landing, etc in addition to the 3 half days of great CE and content! In addition, when you combine Dr Gardner’s compassion and humor with Dr Robinson’s intelligence and humility, it is a powerful presentation! Dynamic Duo for sure in an outstanding National Park Setting 10/09/23
    • ZION NATIONAL PARK Well - to be hones the location - it was amazing. We picked this one because of Zion and to be honest the speakers were not our first choice BUT after the first lecture, I totally changed my mind and I got so so much relevant information to take back to my practice. It was amazing, I am still just in awe of the whole weekend. I LOVED it. MARIA K, DVM 10/18/23
    • YOSEMITE I got some *great* tips and takeaways from the specialists that I'm already putting into practice AND I got to experience a fantastic location and have a much needed break from the clinic. I'm not sure I'll ever go to a "regular" conference again - I loved Vet Vacation CE! Both presenters were great! They provided fantastic information and some real game-changing tips and tricks for practice. Thanks Dr. Rouben for reminding me that torsemide is in my toolkit and I should remember it more for tough cases, also for teaching me that rectal pimobendan is a thing! Thanks Dr. Finke for dropping SO much knowledge on managing tough UTIs and her methods of managing various types of liver disease. Katherine O, DVM  10/11/23
    • YOSEMITE My first experience with VetVacationCE-very pleased overall! Both presenters did a great job of communicating clearly and tailoring information to the whole audience-regular old GPS included 🙂 10/05/23
    • MONTREAL Thank you very much! Really enjoyed this conference and I will definitely be doing more seminars in the future! Kaitlin G, DVM 9/22/23
    • MONTREAL Thank you for a terrific conference.  My first VetVacation CE and I wish I was in person.  The speakers were terrific, the content was interesting and super useful.  I look forward to another soon, and in person. Pam B, DVM 9/22/23
    • COEUR D'ALENE It’s difficult choosing from so many of the locations! LOL! I can’t decide between Honolulu, Yellowstone, Glacier or Aspen in 2024! See you soon! 9/3/23
    • COEUR D'ALENE The conferences were excellent. The speakers were high quality and very experienced. I could tell they put a lot of effort into their presentations. The food was excellent. And the conferences were held 20 mins from my house. I think I was the only local who attended. Katherine A, DVM 9/3/23
    • LAKE TAHOE This was my first time with this company and I am absolutely blown away with how great it was. I have mostly done IVS and vet exposition for 22 yrs. The presenters were professional, there were no lights/speakers or venue issues. Loved it and I’ll try another one. Thank you. LESLIE S, DVM 08/16/23
    • WAIKIKI The speakers were AMAZEBaLLS! THE CONTENT was very applicable to practice. Tana W, DVM 07/22/23
    • WAIKIKI Both presenters were amazing and I just love how laid back it all was. Will absolutely be doing another vet vacation CE next year and the year after that! Vacay! Also loved that I didn’t have to zoom around a giant convention center to see the lectures I want to see. I was interested in all the lectures and never had to leave the one conference room! Melissa J, DVM 07/22/23
    • WAIKIKI Hoping to return to Kauai in a few years for another incredible CE if that is a destination.  And we will see you next year at some awesome destination!  Mahalo! Tricia P, DVM 07/26/23
    • WAIKIKI  I wanted to write to you to personally thank you for organising such an amazing opportunity. My partner, friends and I graduated into covid so we have never had a chance to experience a vet conference until this past week (talk about setting the bar high haha).  We just got back to Sydney yesterday and are already experiencing post holiday blues. Jason C. DVM, 07/27/23
    • I am so happy that I stumbled upon Vet Vacation CE!  I am telling everyone I know about this!!
      Cindy M, DVM 06/08/23
    • ALASKAN CRUISE Had a great time! No better way to get your CE then with Vet Vacation CE. The insulated/inclusive nature of the cruise making it easier to connect and meet up with fellow DVMs and seeing a lot of my old classmates. John M, DVM 07/01/23
    • ALASKAN CRUISE I loved my first Vet Vacation!! Will be going back. I booked the conference for the location but loved the speakers and lectures! Very practical and engaging. STORMIE M, DVM 07/02/23
    • GLACIER NATIONAL PARK Very well organized and perfectly executed in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The venue and location was superb and appreciated. Great resort and local activities. The pre printed notes were very helpful. It was a great experience, very educational and superior to the large conference settings. Thank you to the organizers and to those who worked during during the conference. Well done!! James M, DVM 06/15/23
    • GLACIER NATIONAL PARK The quality of the presenters. Both were engaging, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable about their topics, and knew how to budget their time and format their presentations to keep them useful and interesting. It was empowering as a newer grad and more recent addition to general practice to feel that my perspective as well as those of seasoned ECC pros was recognized in how the material was presented. This was an absolutely lovely area to visit and I'm so glad that this program, which was great through its own merit, brought me out to such a lovely part of the country for a genuinely enjoyable experience away from home. The organization and planning was top notch. ROBERT M, DVM 06/14/23
    • SEDONA The speakers. The fact that you can get five hours in five hours…not crazy breaks to go to the vendor hall. REBECCA L, DVM 05/24/23
    • SEDONA Thanks a lot for putting on another great event. If it wasn’t for these I would never get a chance to spend time with my family and get quality CE. Brad E, DVM 5/25/23
    • ASHEVILLE The location was excellent; the planning and organization were perfect. Such a well thought out conference. I hate going to the big conferences where the seating is so poor you have to sit in the floor, you miss breaks, can’t see or hear the speakers. Really, Joel and Jack made the whole experience very enjoyable! Jennifer B DVM 05/21/2023
    • ONLINE WASHINGTON DC I had a great time with the lectures.  Great speakers and awesome content. Can't wait for the next one. Elijah D, DVM 04/24/23
    • ONLINE WASHINGTON DC This was an excellent conference and my first with vet vacations (it will not be my last). Trisha Y DVM 04/23/23
    • ONLINE WASHINGTON DC As usual, high quality CE and I appreciate the ability to learn via Zoom with live presentations.  Many thanks and hope to see you at an in-person conference later this year or next! Best, Jennifer L, DVM 04/23/23
    • SAN ANTONIO Thanks so much! I really appreciate your time and efforts in putting all this together! Betsy G, DVM 02/12/23
    • SAN ANTONIO  I wanted to thank you for everything. The conference has been incredible! The speakers were fantastic and provided such great info. Julia L, DVM 03/12/23
    • SAN ANTONIO  And while I was desperate for the CE hours, the speakers are wonderful and I am SO grateful to be learning what I am learning! Paige N, DVM 03/11/23
    • WHISTLER The split education time was excellent. My attention span is at most 3 hours for lecture anyways. It was great to be able to learn, go appreciate the outdoors during the daylight/best hours, then make it back for lecture again in the evening. Jeannette M, DVM 05/24/23
    • WHISTLER Ability to attend class in short periods of time and have part of the day free to do activities instead of spending the whole day in the classroom. Shonda W, DVM 03//24/23
    • ATLANTIS BAHAMAS Thank you for the great meeting. It was my first with vetvacation but will not be my last. I did not grab my CE certificate yesterday. Is there a way to email one to me? Thanks again JASON B, DVM 02/08/23
    • ATLANTIS BAHAMAS I really enjoyed having printed notes in a note binder!! Very organized and a good way to keep all of the information together in one place. Stephanie H, DVM 02/04/23
    • ATLANTIS BAHAMAS VetVacationCE is by far the best conference in veterinary medicine.  Thank you for teh amazing experience. Sharon M, DVM 02/05/23
    • SAN JUAN Up beat interesting and not over my head being an RVT and practice manager. Camiile Q, RVT 1/28/23
    • SAN JUAN The length of the lectures and the style of the lecturers. I so feel that the notes are amazing for reference because they use dosages and have good and efficient details. Anastasia Y, DVM 1/28/23
    • SAN JUAN Both Dr Morgan and Dr Platt were engaging speakers who gave practical information for the general practitioner. The lecture times were reasonable with regular breaks, and the food provided was excellent. Phillips R, DVM 1/28/23
    • SAN JUAN The location 🙂 Also it was refreshing to the speakers that were NOT sponsored by corporations or drug companies…I’d forgotten how nice it was to listen to lectures that didn’t end with a sales pitch Jenny N, DVM 1/28/23
    • SAN JUAN Enjoyed the beautiful weather. Had a few extra days before the conference to go to El Yunque and explore PR. A smaller conference with 100 + people is really nice. I don’t like the huge conferences. Karen C DVM, 1/28/23
    • SAN JUAN PR I love the format with half day lectures and being given the remaining time to explore and enjoy the area. This is my second Vet Vacation, and I loved it just as much as the first! The presenters are so good, very engaging and informative. They communicate a lot of information very well without it being “dry” and make the time spent in the lectures fly by! One of the best parts about Vet Vacation is knowing the lectures are going to be excellent, and not a waste of time like you can sometimes get into at the larger conferences. Keep doing everything you’re doing! Thank you for planning a great CE and making the whole process so smooth. When I had trouble with the hotel reservation, it was all taken care of for me by you within a couple days. You look out for your conference attendees and it really shows. Again thank you, and can’t wait to pick my next Vet Vacation out soon!  Mary P, DVM 1/28/23
    • SAN JUAN PR Everything! This was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be back. I have previously only attended Western and I really appreciated the intimate, focused setting. I will never return to the massive conferences - you’ve spoiled me forever! Natalie B, DVM 1/29/23
    • DUCK KEY The pool, the sunset cruise, the amazing sunset, the full moon, the dolphins, I slept better than I have in years. Met some great new friends from all over the country! Just keep up the great work! Thanks for everything! Dan N, DVM 12/07/22
    • DUCK KEY Not sure how I've missed these meetings in the past but they'll be my "go to" going forward. Loved, loved, loved this meeting! Jessie B, DVM 12/07/22
    • DUCK KEY Great conference. I’m going back next year. Robert W, DVM 12/07/22
    • DUCK KEY One of the best CE’s I’ve been to, can’t wait to come back. The resort also far exceeded my expectations for amenities, service, food and location. Hawks Cay is a treasure. Victoria S, DVM 12/07/22
    • DUCK KEY The biggest thing I learned is that I have so much to learn. This is not a bad thing. Thank you for the experience! Judy J, DVM, 12/11/22
    • DUCK KEY Great Job - it was my first - I will definitely return for additional locations and educational opportunities. Ellie G DVM, 12/11/22
    • DUCK KEY Location was nice. Jack and Joel were awesome !! Very helpful and welcoming. Inderdeep S, DVM 12/09/22
    • DUCK KEY I actually enjoyed doing it virtually. Obviously, I would have preferred to be in the sunny keys- hopefully next time. I thought the topics were really good even though I dislike dentistry. I really enjoyed both speakers. Erin HS, DVM 12/09/22
    • DUCK KEY I loved how you were able to efficiently fit 15 CE hours into 3 half day sessions. This left plenty of time for other activities. The food was also great as were the speakers. Ashley T, DVM 12/09/22
    • DUCK KEY The overall " feel " of the conference was very good.  Things were very well organized and efficiently run.  Having the speakers start early and end early  thus leaving time for exploration of the area was great.  The restaurant recommendations, the approachability of the entire team was also  great. The quality of the speakers and presentations were excellent. Ellen M, DVM 12/09/22
    • DUCK KEY ONLINE Thank-you two  so much for an excellent conference. I enjoyed all lectures - great selection of topics & speakers ! Will apply for more in the future. This for me, is the first time doing this via zoom. Despite having to get up at 3:30 am to be ready for lecture at 4 am, it was made easy cuz I didn’t need to go anywhere ! Elizabeth W, DVM 12/07/22 from Alaska
    • DUCK KEY Loved the speakers for this CE and definitely look forward to doing Vet Vacation CE in the future.Thanks so much!  My first VetVacation CE and I really loved it.  Have done .... for destination CE in the past and will definitely keep you all on my list of CE choices for the future! Eric M, DVM 12/08/22
    • DUCK KEY This was a great way to get CE! Marie M, DVM 12/07/22
    • DUCK KEY Thank you so much for putting this whole CE together, I have been having a fantastic time and will definitely be attending more in the future! Audrey R, DVM 12/07/22
    • GRAND CAYMAN Dr. Hansen was so great! Best speaker I’ve seen in a VERY long time. So appreciated her honest and informative talk - keeping us interested and laughing along the way. Laura L, DVM 11/16/22
    • GRAND CAYMAN I just wanted to say thank you for all that y’all did to make this CE trip a reality. As I mentioned, this was our second VetVacation CE, and it did not disappoint. Justin B, DVM 11/16/22
    • SAVANNAH Cute Hotel choice. Fun giveaways. Appropriate break schedule and great snacks. Thank you so much for existing!!!!!!!! -Timothy S, RVT 11/6/22
    • SAVANNAH Subject matter of the classes, all very practical to a general practitioner SARA E, DVM 10/23/22
    • SAVANNAH ONLINE OCTOBER 22 I really appreciated the advice Dr. Young gave about at-home medication for trying to help seizure patients through a cluster w/o presenting to the ER [right away, unless it's absolutely necessary]. Julie L, DVM 10/22/22
    • CHICAGO I had an awesome time at the conference. Thank you guys so much for a great event. Jason H, DVM 10/18/22
    • EXOTIC PET MEDICINE VIRTUAL While I know that location is a draw for many, the on line availability of such great quality CE is a wonderful option for those who might not be able or available to travel. Appreciate the opportunity Vet Vacation has offered through Zoom. Thank you! RHODA S, DVM 10/17/22
    • EXOTIC PET MEDICINE VIRTUAL I really enjoyed the Virtual Exotics conference.  It covered a good variety of topics. Andrea V, DVM 10/17/22
    • YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK You guys do such a nice job putting on conferences! Thanks for continuing to do the snacks and cocktail hours. That makes for a very nice, easy conference experience and many of the big conferences are having to give that up due to cost. Location was amazing and I loved that the entire meeting was devoted to ECC. Libby R, DVM 10/19/22
    • YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK Interesting talks with beautiful views. Laid back environment. Meeting up with old colleagues KARI S, DVM 10/07/22
    • YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK Location, food, schedule, and amenities were fabulous. Combining CE with vacation is a great idea! KELLY J, DVM 10/07/22
    • YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK Everything was taken care of and relaxed, all we had to do was show up! CAREY B DVM 10/06/22
    • SEPTEMBER 22 ONLINE Both speakers were fantastic and I thought their choices of topics superb! RUTH D, DVM 09/07/22
    • SEPTEMER ONLINE The technology for remote attendees worked very well and very smooth. Thank you! Christina R, DVM 09/08/22
    • COEUR D'ALENE I greatly enjoyed the conference at Coeur D’ Alene. I think I’ve found my new go to continuing Ed. I love the the speakers subject matter was very practically oriented and geared for day to day practice experience. I thought both speakers were engaging and easy to follow.  I also loved the beautiful backdrop of the CDA resort. John B, DVM 09/07/22

    • COEUR D'ALENE You can’t beat Cutting edge information delivered in paradise. JOHN M, DVM 09/06/22
    • COEUR D'ALENE The speakers were both fantastic and the structure was the perfect amount of learning and relaxation. BRIANNA B, DVM 09/05/22
    • SEPTEMBER 22 ONLINE This was my second (both online) Vet Vacation Conference. I think the speakers are great and Joel and Jack do a great job including and making it fun for the online participants as well.  Monica C, DVM 09/04/22
    • SEPTEMBER 22 ONLINE It was nice to have an online option. I’m 4 months post partum and it was good to get a conference in but still be able to be at home. Couldn’t get a conference in while pregnant due to omicron so this was very helpful. SOPHI W, DVM 09/04/22
    • VANCOUVER The food was great! Never went hungry. Liked the lecturers and the topics. Hotel was splendid with great prices. You made it fun with the prizes and wheel. All in all, very well done. JEN V, DVM 08/23/22
    • WAIKIKI Seriously, this was such an amazing experience and I was impressed daily! Everything was so thoughtfully done and executed. Thank you so much! Clarissa V, DVM 07/26/22
    • WAIKIKI It was a great refresher for subjects I haven't studied in decades and I learned some treatment modalities I was unfamiliar with so I'm quite happy. Jocelyn P, DVM 07/24/22
    • WAIKIKI The split up of sessions that allowed leisure time before or after CE. Really was a great mix of work and play. The location was great, and the hotel was amazing! The food, snacks, etc was more than I’d expect for a conference. Kayla H, DVM 07/24/22
    • WAIKIKI Awesome location! Awesome people! Informative lectures! Thank you for the amazing experience! Rebecca D, DVM 07/24/22
    • MARCH AND APRIL 2022 ONLINE I just wanted to say I really enjoyed both CE programs. The lecturers did a phenomenal job. It's really nice to still have options of virtual CE. Kristen S, DVM 04/2022

    • GLACIER NATIONAL PARK I thought they were good and interesting. Most of all, they were practical and not academic!  Thank you. TANYA H, DVM 06/06/2022
    • AUSTIN In these days of covid 19 and personal health awareness I have had to attend quite a few virtual continuing education conferences in order to keep current my Florida law and veterinary licenses.Your Austin event set a new standard in my opinion. The expertise and clarity-of-presentation of the presenters and especially the images and graphics they presented were stellar.Also, the ease of access to the Zoom conference as formatted on your emails was the simplest and most direct I've experienced. Veterinary school virtual Zoom conferences paled in comparison to your event accessibility. The only codicil is - if your remote, Zoom conferences are too good people may not attend in person. Finally, look forward to seeing you in person as the previous sentiment was in jest. Bob F DVM, Esq 04/11/23
    • ST LUCIA The Sunset cruise was lovely and the CE setting was lovely.  KRUFF DVM 01/26/22
    • ST LUCIA That balance of learning and enjoying a trip. Also, learned so much which made the trip so much better. NATHANAEL H DVM 01/26/22
    • DUCK KEY The half days were awesome, loved the little breaks and snacks. Presenters were great! Thank you to Jack and Joel for all they do! My first VetVacation CE of hopefully many more! AUDREY W DVM 12/4/21
    • DUCK KEY It was entertaining and informative. Easy to listen to for 15 hours! Michael S DVM 12/7/21
    • ST. CROIX I just wanted to thank you again for such terrific speakers at the CE in St. Croix!  I found the seminars very informative.  What a cool island to explore as well! Joelle M LVT 11/22/21
    • NEW ORLEANS ONLINE The speakers were great and it was a great experience (even from home). Look forward to future CE events. Trisha D DVM 11/10/21
    • NEW ORLEANS ONLINE Thank you, and thank you for all your hard work. You guys did a great job organizing a great conference and getting amazing speakers. I learned a lot and I look forward to applying all this knowledge to my practice. I will definitely be booking another conference. Great job every one. Amy G DVM 11/09/21
    • SANTA FE ONLINE I could attend the conference in my pj's since it started at 6 am for me on 2 days. Thank you for providing the virtual conference option for people who are not ready to travel or don't have time for travel. Krislyn D, DVM 10/07/21
    • SANTA FE ONLINE I liked the break up and mix of topics! I can’t wait to see y’all in person! JENNIFER K, DVM 10/07/21
    • SANTA FE ONLINE Practical information. Dynamic speakers! Wendy W, DVM 10/07/21
    • SANTA FE ONLINE I liked the convenience that I could do it from home! And the speakers were great with relevant topics. I liked that I could register last minute & it was hassle- free & the online forum worked without a hitch. Lauren C, DVM 10/07/21
    • SANTA FE ONLINE I thought both speakers were informative & concise. I’d definitely do it again! Liked the virtual option! Wendy P, DVM 10/07/21
    • SANTA FE ONLINE The topics and ease of being able to learn online from home. Great conference and super user friendly / easy for - online option. Thank u!! CHAD C, DVM 10/07/21
    • SANTA FE IN PERSON The speakers were very personable and you put on a great meeting. Keep them going! RANDY S, DVM 10/07/21
    • SANTA FE ONLINE Quality CE I was able to do from the comfort of my home with great speakers. Thank you for another great set of speakers. KRISTI P, DVM 10/08/21
    • SANTA FE IN PERSON Intimate enough for one on one conversations with lecturers. This was my first time at a Vet Vacation conference and I really enjoyed it. I had one on one conversations with Jack, Joel, and both lecturers - something that isn't always possible at bigger conferences. Thanks so much for all your hard work, I will certainly be back at a Vet Vacation conference in the future! ZAC H, DVM 10/08/21
    • SANTA FE IN PERSON KEEP this going; awesome topics and information 🙂 KIERRA G, DVM 10/10/21
    • SANTA FE IN PERSON Speakers gave excellent presentations, Santa Fe was a terrific choice, and snacks fit the locale and were great! I'm very, very glad that your company survived the pandemic; you put on excellent conferences. Thank you! Heidi K, DVM 10/11/21
    • SANTA FE Being able to learn this material from home was amazing. Being Chief of Staff at my practice and having a 5yr old daughter makes it difficult to fit in traveling away for CE, but this was fantastic and I believe the best CE I've had in my 12 years out of vet school!I hope we're allowed to continue virtual CE for the long term, even once the pandemic is under control!!! RACHAEL K, DVM 10/09/21
    • COEUR D'ALENE Practical information given in a digestible chunk of time. I love that the lectures are only 1/2 day. Terrill H DVM, 09/05/21
    • COEUR D'ALENE The practical nature of the talks, the speakers’ sense of humor and willingness to answer questions. The conference hotel and Coeur d’Alene, and the weather were amazing.I’m so glad I came! Love the relaxed atmosphere and how there was plenty of time to relax as well as to learn. Dan N, DVM 09/05/21
    • COEUR D"ALENE I loved that I was able to get my CE, which is of course required, but I was still able to travel to a place I WANTED to travel to. I have loved both of my Vet Vacation CE experiences so far and will definitely go to more in the future! Grace C, DVM 09/05/21
    • COEUR D'ALENE Lots of good transfusion medicine tidbits also. Both speakers were organized, knowledgeable, and approachable. So cool that the wooden boat shuttle was included with the room! Beautiful location. I really thought it was great. Margaret S DVM, 09/05/21
    • COEUR D'ALENE I liked being able to rest & relax while also doing short snippets of learning. Didn’t have to skip out on lectures to see the town/lake/hike. I also liked our group sunset boat tour. It was nice to have a group activity to do together...food/talks/set up/etc were all amazing. BLAIR D DVM 09/05/21
    • COEUR D'ALENE The location was perfect and every topic was detailed and pertinent to every day emergency practice. This is my second VET vacation and it will NOT be my last!! I love the small size of the conference and the half day lectures! LISA S, DVM 09/27/21
    • MYRTLE BEACH Thank you both for organizing such great meetings. This was our 2nd Vet Vacation experience and it will not be our last. The speakers are ALWAYS great, the atmosphere is fantastic and it’s a perfect mix of learning and fun. You guys do a wonderful job. I will definitely spread the word! Until next time,
      Amanda A, DVM 08/17/21
    • GLACIER Thank you for the wonderful conference. Steve B DVM 06/17/21
    • GLACIER I can not thank you enough for a fun filled week in Whitefish. Our lecturers were excellent and everyone seemed to have a blast. We will be back for another for sure. Reagan B, DVM 06/17/2021
    • BOSTON ONLINE The presentations were on time and without any technical glitches. Well done folks! I'll be back. John K, DVM 05/17/2021
    • BOSTON ONLINE I thought the lectures were well done and informative ... Anne C DVM, 05/16/2021
    • CHARLESTON, SC I thought both speakers were engaged and engaging.  I thought the conference was done well and was happy to see people in person. Robert L, DVM 04/15/2021
    • CHARLESTON, SC Great speakers AGAIN! Maura M, DVM 04/15/2021
    • CHARLESTON, SC Speakers were absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! Monica C, DVM 04/19/2021
    • CHARLESTON, SC And just a FWIW(For what it is worth) I really enjoy the conference’s you all offer. Went to my first one year before last and my wife and I absolutely loved it! Both of my associates are attending Vet Vacation CEs this year. Keep up the good work! Chris R 05/07/2021
    • WHISTLER ONLINE I would like to say the lectures were extremely educational and speakers were so quick to respond to questions. This was my first time doing an online conference and it was so convenient. I feel like it was even more interactive than an offline conference! When I registered, I saw the note that video replay could be available upon request. Is it possible to get those video replays? I wish to review a couple of lectures. I think I am going to register another Vet Vacation CE this year since it was so phenomenal. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. It is obvious to me that the in-person Vet Vacation would be not only a very informative and valuable CE opportunity but also a pleasurable social and cultural event. I look forward to the time that this is possible, but will not hesitate enrolling in future virtual presentations. David O, DVM 03/23/2021
    • ST LUCIA ONLINE Thank you VetVacationCE!
      Another excellent learning opportunity. I look forward to being able to come back in person later this year. Mark A, DVM 01/28/2021
    • ST LUCIA ONLINE The conference was awesome! Both doctors were excellent.  I was specially impressed with Dr. Armstrong and his thoroughness.  Thank you and will se you again thank you! Raul P, DVM 01/28/2021
    • ST LUCIA ONLINEGreat course! This was my first time with this group and can’t wait until in person! Catherine F, DVM 1/28/2021
    • ST LUCIA ONLINE Just wanted to start by saying thank you for putting together a great CE, despite not being able to be in St Lucia. I loved the wound lecture and as an ER doctor it was super helpful! Melodie M,DVM 01/27/2021
    • ST LUCIA ONLINE I was so impressed with the meeting today (I hate ZOOM meetings) that I regretted not signing  up for two days instead of one. Adrienne O, DVM 01/27/2021
    • ST CROIX ONLINE Thank you so much VetVacationCE!

      It really has been quite a pleasure discovering you guys… I have loved the CE’s I’ve participated in. Everybody is so professional and I have learned quite a bit from the sessions I have attended.
      I will definitely be doing more in the future with you! Angela J, DVM 12/13/2020
    • ST CROIX ONLINE I needed this CE before end of the year and I thought that it would be miserable to sit through 3 days of on line CE at home.  Happy to report that-  1. This was a great conference and 2.  I am quite happily surprised how nice it was to do at home and I will probably do other at home CE trainings in the future (although hard to beat an exotic location) Kathyrn S, DVM 12/13/2020
    • SANTA FE Well done managing the CE remotely.  I look forward to joining another VetVacationCE! Brooke D, DVM 09/05/2020
    • FORODA KEYS Amazing lecturers in beautiful settings. We all need a Vacation CE. Coordinators always present, welcoming and responsive. Very well run and can’t wait for next conference- virtual or in-person. Deborah T, DVM 08/28/2020
    • COEUR D'ALENE July CE session, which for the record were great. The presenters were very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you, Carla M, DVM
    • This is my second VetVacation CE and I have loved both of them!! Definitely planning to attend one every year!
      Amy C, DVM 07/22/2020
    • July CE session, which for the record were great. The presenters were very knowledgeable and informative.
      Thank you, Carla M, DVM
    • Dr Acierno taught me better fluid management of renal cases in Curaçao. It came in handy on my return when I literally had to manage 3 renal disease cases the week I returned! Ashley G - 7/27/20
    • TULUM ONLINE Thank y'all for providing the CE via Zoom!  It is what I needed being ER clinician.  I hope to attend one of the onsite Vet Vacation CE! Stacey S, DVM 07/16/2020
    • TULUM ONLINE I really liked the speakers and you can't beat the convenience 🙂 Derek O, DVM 07/16/2020
    • This is an amazing group who puts together excellent speakers. This is a must!! Craig C DVM ACVIM - Oncology 06/29/2020
    • TULUM ONLINE I have really enjoyed my CE education through Vet Vacation CE!  I will certainly be attending again in the future (hopefully not virtually)  Ashley S, DVM 08/19/20 
    • CHARLESTON ONLINE I thought the virtual format worked really well and both speakers adapted to the new challenge. Thank you for putting this together during this crazy time. Even though I am a clinical pathologist I found most of the topics engaging and refreshing. Hopefully someday I can attend in a more exotic location than my living room. I am a clinical pathologist with IDEXX. I may sign up for the upcoming CE if work will give me the time off! Liz L, DVM 05/18/2020
    • GLACIER ONLINE I think they (Online Meeting on Clinical Pathology and Dermatology, Dr.s Holly Brown and Dr. Paul Bloom) were some of the absolutely very best classes that I have attended in my 45 years of practice. Austin S, DVM 06/23/2020
    • GLACIER ONLINE Just wanted to send you a thank you note to let you know I really enjoyed the meeting. I’ve been in practice almost 50 years and it’s still very refreshing to have speakers who are on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. Every time you think you know it all you realize that you don’t,  especially when you listen to speakers like you arranged for this meeting. Hope to meet you one day at one of your live VetVacation CE meetings .
      Best, Andy GDVM 06/18/2020
    • CHARLESTON, SC I really enjoyed the conference and I appreciate the effort that it took to successfully switch it to a distance learning format. I look forward to attending another one of your seminars, hopefully in person the next time. Douglas B, DVM 05/18/2020
    • CHARLESTON SC ONLINE I enjoyed all of the speakers and topics and since I am no longer in regular private practice, I found the review of radiology and chronic diarrhea, and improving my diagnosis particularly helpful as a good review. I thoroughly enjoyed the Oncology lectures, and particularly the feline topics. Amy S E, DVM 
    • CHARLESTON, SC I was very impressed with the CE I just did with you last week (Online May 2020 conference) and would like to sign up for June's web-based CE also, all 3 days. Jevon C, DVM 05/17/20
    • CHARLESTON, SC I am very thankful that VetVacationCE offered this online meeting!  I look forward to signing up for one in person for 2021 CE.I hope to catch you in the Bahamas as I will be there at that time on Cat Island, just a short flight away.I have signed up for two out of three days for the June on line conference.  You had asked for feedback on this meeting.  The format worked well with the polls, Q & A option and presentations.   Dr. Hohenhaus was excellent at presenting the material.  She remained on task and gave us good clinical information.  Dr. Fox is extremely knowledgeable and shared good clinical information. Toni C, DVM 5/14/2020
    • CHARLESTON, SC Thanks for being awesome. Jaclyn W DVM 05/14/2020
    • CHARLESTON, SC Was thrilled with this format. Looking forward to this type of presentation again - David T DVM Online Webinar Live Interactive 05/14/2020
    • CHARLESTON, SC I'm really pleased with the CE, even though it's not in Charleston.  Quality of the speakers is great.  For me I would utilize this format in the future.  Though 6AM was early today! - Jevon C DVM Online Webinar Live Interactive 05/14/2020
    • CHARLESTON, SC It was really good compared to some live webinars! - Mark C DVM ONLINE Webinar Live Interactive 05/14/2020
    • Looking to get a start on planning our 2021 CE. Went to your CE in Mont-Tremblant and had a fabulous time. Thanks.   Sarah L, DVM  Mont Tremblant 05/13/2020
    • Thank you so much for the excellent virtual conference. I enjoyed every minute of it from the comfort of my home. Would not mind doing more of the same. The doctors were great..very pertinent and usable information. Wondering if you could make the talks available? Thank you again, - Soniya S DVM Online Webinar 5/12/20
    • I just wanted to say what a great experience I had at the conference.  I was raving about it to my colleagues at work today.  It’s a wonderful format and Drs Harris and Oglesbee were phenomenal.  You will certainly be seeing me again in the future!
      Jasmin K DVM Charleston - 04/02/20
    • Whistlerattended a Seminar with Dr. Robert Novo (Surgery) and Dr. Chris Pachel (Behavior) in March, 2019 in Whistler BC.  I learned a lot from both speakers but a tip I learned that I put into my practice the next day was one from Dr. Pachel.  He showed us using some videos how to identify the aggressor in a multi-cat household.  I no longer take the word of a client as to which of their “problem” cats is the aggressor; instead I ask them a number of questions about each of the cats and their behaviors when around each other to try and determine who the aggressor is. The trip was a fantastic learning experience and my wife and I had a magical time skiing and caroling about Whistler. John Reveley, DVM - 07/23/20
    • Excellent presentation by Dr. Larocca on ophthalmology. He did a great job at addressing topics which are applicable in clinical practice. Jack and Joel did an awesome job at making the experience a memorable one. Dr. Allen was also very informative. Will definitely be doing another Vet vacation CE. Please keep me on the list for info on future dates and locations.
      Dr. Dena L - 02/21/20
    • I loved Dr. Larocca's lectures because I can apply the knowledge to my job in GP (fundic exam, glaucoma, cataracts, etc.).
      Anonymous -02/25/20
    • Vet Vacation Glacier 2019 We've had the best time. We love these speakers. Both are very entertaining with lots of great info. This is a beautiful venue! Vet Vacation CE is the total package!
      Amanda A, DVM - 06/19/19
    • Glacier Vacation Loved Glacier last year, counting down the days until Aspen this year!!!
      Julia K C -T DVM, Mannington,WV - 05/31/19
    • PUERTO RICO VACATION The speakers and info have been very practical. I’ll come to another meeting!
      Katy C H, Texas - 02/25/19
    • CURACAO VACATIONI cannot say enough good things about Vet Vacation CE! My 2 colleagues and I visited the beautiful island of Curacao- not only was the location and resort amazing, Jack did a fantastic job picking speakers (Dr. Bloom and Dr. Acierno) who not only taught us new things but practical things that I can take back and use! This will definitely not be our last Vet Vacation CE! Hannah D, Tennessee - 01/17/19
    • Definitely recommend to get CE in a beautiful location. I attended the conference in St Croix and absolutely cannot wait to go back to the island. Schedule is perfect for getting in your CE hours while also allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. Will definitely attend another one. Britt K - 02/09/2019
    • CURACAO VACATIONAwesome CE. Speakers were wonderful with lots of practical information to use in clinic. Curacao was beautiful and the weather could not have been better. A nice break from the Canadian winter. Can't wait to see where they will be hosting next year.
      Julie D Ontario - 01/15/19
    • CURACAO VACATION Attended the one in Curaçao and absolutely loved it! As a business owner and mother of small children, I never seem to be able to take a vacation. This CE provided exactly what I needed: time away with my family, 3 days of 1/2 day classes so I can still spend time with my family, and 15 hours of usable knowledge transfer. I definitely plan to do one a year to be able to keep up with my CE requirements and have an annual vacation with my family in beautiful places. Definitely recommend attending one!
      Ashley Isabell G, South Carolina - 01/15/19
    • ST CROIX USVI VACTION Definitely recommend to get CE in a beautiful location. I attended the conference in St Croix and absolutely cannot wait to go back to the island. Schedule is perfect for getting in your CE hours while also allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. Will definitely attend another one.
      Britt K, Illinois - 12/12/18
    • To my veterinary friends, I highly recommend Vet Vacation CE. The sessions provide 15 hours of CE in a classroom setting over three days. It’s a great alternative to huge conferences with a sea of people. You won’t win swag at this, but you do retain the material Jessica P - 08/10/2018
    • ASHEVILLE VET VACATION Really well done overall, would recommend your website/company to other vets 🙂
      Claire P, DVM, Maryland - 06/20/18
    • NEW YORK VET VACATION Well organized, great location in the city! Organizers were extremely kind.
      Elizabeth S., VMD, Pennsylvania - 06/19/18
    • NAPA VET VACATIONI went with a friend and had a blast in the Napa area. The content of the lecture was good. The facilities were beautiful. Best food I've had at a vet CE
      Ella A, DVM, Georgia - 06/05/18
    • KEY WEST VET VACATIONNice schedule, excellent speakers! I liked the included breakfast too! The Perry hotel was wonderful
      Kendal F., DVM Kentucky - 05/11/18
    • ARUBA VET VACATION Keep at it. I liked the intimacy of a small group as I often don’t meet others at conferences because they are just so big. I am sure you want some more attendees but don’t get too big! I enjoyed the chance to meet the other docs at breakfast and the cocktail reception. If you ever do another on Aruba I highly recommend a visit to the donkey sanctuary and baby beach at the tip!
      Rose B., DVM - 04/03/18
    • WHISTLER VET VACATIONLocation, Dr. Swinger, small numbers in class, food offered, timing, hours, Joel Beth coordinator
      Kirk A., DVM, Hawaii - 03/15/18
    • WHISTLER VET VACATION I loved the relaxed atmosphere and timing of lectures. Interesting learning topics! This was a great experience and I would like to book another CE next year. And the year after!
      Susanne S, DVM Massachusetts - 02/23/18
    • SAVANNAH VET VACATION The entire experience was outstanding! Lectures were fantastic. Topics were on point. Days were broken up to provide CE, time to reflect on topics and relax at the same time.
      Bill J., DVM, Georgia - 01/02/18
    • GLACIER VET VACATION Loved that it wasn’t all day and that the sessions were small and intimate! Also loved the location and the fact that there wasn’t a trade show involved. No pushy sales reps.
      Lisa S, DVM, Ohio - 12/10/17
    • GLACIER VET VACATIONExcellent speakers ... really brought some excellent points up and helpful NEW information!
      Kate L., DVM, Montana - 11/12/17
    • GLACIER VET VACATION Loved location and content of the lectures
      Don R., DVM, Arizona - 10/17/17