Dr. Larry Adams – Nephrology and Urology

About Larry Adams, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)

larry adams

Dr. Adams is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in the specialty of Small Animal Internal Medicine. Dr. Adams received his DVM from Auburn University in 1984. He completed a small animal internship, medicine residency and PhD at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Adams has been on the faculty of Purdue University since 1991 where he is Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine. He has presented lectures at more than 220 veterinary meetings throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He has received 10 teaching awards including the 2009 National Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award. Dr. Adams research interests are in clinical veterinary nephrology and urology including hemodialysis, minimally invasive management techniques for urinary tract diseases and nutritional therapy of urinary tract diseases.

Presentation Synopsis

1. Urinary incontinence – Diagnosis and treatment of refractory cases
2. Treatment of UTI – Guidelines for sporadic and recurrent UTI
3. Updates in management of Acute kidney injury (AKI) – IV fluids can cause harm
4. Management of uroliths in the lower urinary tract: Beyond cystotomy
5. Prevention of urolith recurrence in dogs and cats
6. Updates on treatment of proteinuria
7. Management of uroliths in the upper urinary tract: Case based approach (60-90 minutes)
8. Staging and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease (90 minutes)
9. Hemodialysis for AKI and Intoxications (30 minutes) - Obviously this is not focused on primary care practice
10. Tips for successful voiding and retrograde urohydropropulsion (30 minutes)