Dr. Elizabeth Thomovsky – Emergency Critical Care

About Elizabeth Thomovsky DVM, DACVECC

Dr. Thomovsky graduated from the University of Missouri in 2001 and subsequently completed an internship at the University of Illinois. She was a general practitioner for three years prior to pursuing her residency in 2008. She then became a faculty member first at the University of Wisconsin and now at Purdue University where she is currently a Clinical Associate Professor in the Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care section.


Presentation Synopsis

1. Approach to Acute Respiratory Distress. (90 minute)
2. What To Do Before You Refer I and II: These talks aim to present the most common ERs presenting to practitioners including what they can do acutely in their practice to stabilize the animal before sending it to a referral hospital
3. Bandaging 101: Weird Wounds and Fractures
4. Reproductive ERs in Brachycephalics
5. How To Approach the Neonate Part I and Part II: Part I is a description of the healthy neonate to set expectations for the practitioner. Part II presents the common diseases and how to treat them.
6. Acute Seizures In Dogs and Cats
7. Emergency ECG Interpretation: (this can be a 75 minute talk or two 50 minute sessions) This talk discusses the most common ECGs seen in an emergency room and how to treat them. If a 50 minute format it simply presents a framework for evaluating ECGs and recognizing common ECGs. If two 50 minute sessions, the 2nd session has audience members holding an ECG packet that the speaker goes over in the 2nd session. If a 75 minute session, the latter 25 minutes will be spent going over a smaller ECG packet.
8. Dystocia and Neonatal Resuscitation
9. Common Fungal Diseases and Their Treatment
10. Diabetic Ketoacidosis: For the First 24 Hours
11. Air Where It Doesn't Belong