Dr. Margaret Duxbury – Behavior

About Margaret M. Duxbury DVM, DACVB


Dr. Margaret M. Duxbury is board certified through the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.  Her life has been a wild ride through veterinary school (UMN 1981), mixed practice, small animal general practice, 3 kids, behavior residency and board certification, university associate professorship, and co-founding and managing a successful specialty behavior practice.  Phew!  She is tired!  But still excited about behavior medicine with lots to talk about!  Dr. Duxbury shares her life with her husband David (also a DVM), and always one more dog than sanity dictates.

Presentation Synopsis

1. The Perils of Being an Indoor Cat (1 hour)
2. Cat Training: Yes, You Can and Why You Want To! (25 minutes)
3. Cat Fight! Essential Knowledge for Promoting Harmonious Cat Families. (1 hour)
4. Primary Care: Behavior’s First Responders (1 hour)
5. It Doesn’t Have to Be Sexy: The Essential Approach to Treating Any Behavior Problem (1 hour)
6. Don’t Forget to Be a Vet! Medical Problems and Behavior. (1 hour)
7. Can This Dog Be Saved? Assessing Prognosis and Risk in Aggressive Dogs (1 hour)
8. Real Life Solutions for Separation Anxiety (1 hour)