Dr. Heather Kvitko-White – Internal Medicine

About Heather Kvitko-White, DVM, DACVIM


Dr. Heather L. Kvitko-White insisted from the age of five that she would be a veterinarian one day. She remained true to her passion through the years, and eventually became a Veterinarian Internal Medicine Specialist. After residency, she was faced with a decision of whether to stay in academia and become a professor or go into private practice. Deciding to go into private practice was a defining moment because it provided the real world experience and foundation that she is known for today.  She quickly learned that veterinary schools struggle to train ‘practice ready’ veterinarians.  Additionally, veterinary medicine as a whole is a cost negative career that comes with financial stress and aggressive competition. She recognized a need for change, and left private practice after only seven years to begin her bold journey to educate the industry about the benefits of pragmatic medicine. This focus, and her outspoken efforts for change, is how she became known as “The Pragmatic Professor”. Today, Heather is an industry activist and national speaker who promotes a creative and common sense approach to caring for animals without sacrificing quality. She teaches a pragmatic medicine approach that helps fellow veterinarians run a profitable business while keeping their sanity. She also mentors veterinary students in an effort to better prepare them for real world practice, and develops and delivers content for continuing education at all industry levels.


Presentation Synopsis

1. Dysbiosis and the Microbiome- 50 minutes
2. Practical GI: Workup and Differentials- 75 minutes
3. Practical GI: Chronic Enteropathies - 50 min
4. Protein Losing Enteropathy - 50 min
5. Hepatobioliary Disease Part I: Workup - 50 minutes
6. Hepatobiliary Disease Part II: Treatment - 50 minutes
8. Feline Triaditis- 50 minutes
9. The Exocrine Pancreas; Pragmatic EPI- 25 minutes
10. A Liver and a Fighter Workup Part I - 50 min
11. A Liver and a Fighter Treatment Part II - 50 min
12. Enteropa-PLEASE! Pragmatic Approach to GI - 50 minutes
13. Pragmatic Veterinary medicine; The New Gold Standard
14. To Pee or Not to Pee: Micturition Disorders in Dogs and Cats
15. Cystitis or Subclinical Bacteriuria? Why our words matter. (UTI Part 1)
16. It’s Complicated! Managing the frustrating UTI case (UTI Part 2)
17. Lost with Protein Losing Nephropathy? The Pragmatic Approach to Proteinuria
18. PU, PD, Polydifferentials!
19. What you REALLY want to know about Diabetes
20. Advanced diabetes monitoring; observations from the Pragmatic Professor
21. This is NOT your normal Cushing’s Lecture
22. Addison’s Disease: The changing face of the “great pretender”
23. Feline Hyperthyroidism: A few new tricks for the old cat
24. Canine Hypothyroidism; the “over or under” on diagnosis
25. Calcium; the Highs and Lows and What you Need to Know. Part I- Hypercalcemia
26. Calcium; the Highs and Lows and What you Need to Know. Part II- Hypocalcemia