Dr. Donnell Hansen – Dentistry

About Dr. Donnell Hansen DVM, DAVDC

Dr. Donnell Hansen with a German Shepherd

Dr. Hansen, a Minnesota native, toured through Iowa, Minnesota, and Oklahoma for her various degrees toward board certification in veterinary dentistry/oral surgery. In 2009, Dr. Hansen joined other specialists to form the Moxie Center in Minnesota's Twin Cities which is now known as BluePearl Veterinary Partners. She currently rotates through both the Eden Prairie and Blaine hospitals. Dr. Hansen’s special interest is maxillofacial surgery, however the truth is, she loves the whole darn gig.

To be able to help even more of our furry friends, Dr. Hansen enjoys the opportunity to share the value of veterinary dentistry and oral health not only to enhance patient care, but also provide veterinarians with a much needed source of personal satisfaction and optimize practice health. Be on the lookout for more information about her developing continuing education resource, Four Legged Tooth Fairy. Although her daily life is now spent in specialty care, she also owns a family practice with her husband and hopes to approach her lectures from a practical, applicable, approach to veterinary dentistry in an effort to enhance the physical, mental, and business health for family practitioners.

Donnell enjoys time with her family (including two very loved kids) on Minnesota's 10,000 lakes or working a jigsaw puzzle during the cold. long Minnesota winters. She shares her home with chickens, ducks, a hamster, and two four legged beasts, Crickett (a pocket pittie) and beloved giant labrador named Goose. She may or may not have a fish tank with maturing bullheads on her kitchen counter as we speak.

Presentation Synopsis

1. Maximizing your potential in veterinary dentistry, starting with the oral exam!
2. Discover dental radiology; it's a whole new world!
3. Cracked canines: a discussion on how to identify and treat fractured and other "odd" teeth
4. Meouch: a guided tour of feline oral diseases
5. Oral tumors; a general practicioner's guide
6. Malocclusions; Can you spy them? Now what?
7. Getting to yes; doing more dentistry in your practice!