Dr. Krista Sirois – Residency Trained Behavior

About Krista Sirois, DVM, Behavior Residency Trained


Dr. Sirois worked in veterinary clinics from the age of 16 and decided while she was working in Austin that she needed to go to vet school. She graduated in 2016 from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

While in school, she was very involved in the American Animal Hospital Association and in leadership of the Integrative Medicine Club. She also completed a 10-week fellowship in Clinical Pathology at Texas A&M. After graduating, she entered an internship program at VCA Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado. During that time, she received in-depth training in internal medicine, surgery, neurology, and emergency medicine.

Dr. Sirois completed her residency in 2020 under the mentorship of Dr. Lisa Radosta at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service and remained as an associate for an additional year. Her special interests include feline behavior, a holistic approach to medicine, and the impact of other illnesses on behavior. She has given many CE lectures to veterinarians (live and virtual) and consulted with industry groups. She regularly writes educational articles for sites such as PetMD and All About Cats.

Dr. Sirois learns something new about behavior almost daily from her beloved patients and her three cats (Chupie, Ducati, and Stanley). When not working, she enjoys crocheting, history documentaries, and working on puzzles with her family.

Presentation Synopsis

1. Vet visit sedation plans
2. Distraction and counterconditioning for vet visits
3. Puppy and Kitten behavior: what's normal and what's NOT
4. Feline housesoiling
5. Noise & storm phobias
6. Separation anxiety
7. How health impacts behavior: Case based Part 1
8. How health impacts behavior: Case based Part 2