Online Conference End of Life and Internal Medicine May 2024

May 9 - 11, 2024

End of Life - Dr. Kathleen Cooney
Internal Medicine and Nephrology - Dr. Mark Acierno

This is an on-line CE conference, that is RACE approved as live interactive, featuring Dr. Kathleen Cooney and Dr. Mark Acierno We offer this CE using the NEW VetVacationCE APP. You can earn up to 15 hours of CE with your participation in our Vet Vacation conference. Conference classes will be held  following the same schedule as the live event in CHARLESTON!

Early Bird:  All three days $429 and One day $189. 5 CE hours per day before April 18th then pricing will increase to $499 and $219.

Individual CE certificates will be available through the APP at the end of the meeting.

May 10, 2024
12:30-1pm ET VIRTUAL doors open!
1-1:50 pm Acute Kidney Injury: An Update
2–3:15pm Improving the Life of Feline Patients with CKD
3:15-3:45pm BREAK
3:45-5pm EOL Care as a Practice Builder: Understanding Animal Hospice
5:10-6pm The Palliative Care Approach

May 11, 2024
7:30-8am ET VIRTUAL Doors open!
8-8:50am When QOL Scales are Not Enough: Counseling Clients that Can't Let Go
9-9:50am Euthanasia ReImagined: Modern Best Practices
10-10:50am Sleeping Beauty: Pre-euthanasia Sedation & Anesthesia Protocols
10:50-11:10am BREAK
11:10–12noon Kidney Emergencies - Emergency Treatment of Nephrotoxins
12:10-1pm Challenging UTI Antimicrobial Therapy

March 9, 2024
7:30-8am ET VIRTUAL Doors open!
8-8:50am Hypertension - New Guidelines New Recommendations
9-9:50am Help! I Can't Pee - Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
10-10:50am That Darn Cat - Veterinary Adventures in Vomiting Cats
10:50-11:10am BREAK
11:10–12noon Tips and Tricks for a Technically Smooth Euthanasia
12:10-1pm Euthanasia Team Support
1pm VetVacationCE Concludes - Book Your Next VetVacationCE!



Online Veterinary Conference:  Earn 15 Hours of Virtual Live Interactive Continuing Education!! Dr. Kathleen Cooney and Dr. Mark Acierno are experts in the field of End of Life and Internal Medicine ! Topics and biographies are below.

The virtual video and audio webinar platform allows for the following:

  • The speaker’s slide presentation will be on your device screen.
  • You will hear the speaker audio.
  • You will be able to raise your hand to ask questions and get rapid response answers.
  • We will make this as interactive as possible.
  • We will send you a link to access the conference.
  • A digital CE certificate of completion will be available by scanning the QR code at the conclusion of each day with Beth VetVacationCE APP.

Prior to the conference, we will email you the notes and links to the event.

VetVacationCE registration for this Live Interactive Veterinary Conference is $429 for the 3 day conference or $189 per day. Each day is 5 hours of CE until April 18th then rates will increase to $499 and $219.

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May 9 – 11 (3 days) $429, May 9 only $189, May 10 only $189, May 11 only $189

End of Life

Kathleen Cooney, DVM, CHPV, DACAW resident

Dr. Kathleen Cooney has been practicing advanced end-of-life care since 2006. She is CEO and Director of Education for the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA). Dr. Cooney is well-known for her work in companion animal euthanasia and is an author and international speaker on the subject. She is a strong advocate for best practices in all aspects of end-of-life care and loves all things old and gray. Learn more about Dr. Cooney’s accomplishments at

Presentation Synopsis

1. EOL Care as a Practice Builder: Understanding Animal Hospice
2. The Palliative Care Approach
3. When QOL Scales are Not Enough: Counseling Clients that Can't Let Go
4. Euthanasia ReImagined: Modern Best Practices
5. Sleeping Beauty: Pre-euthanasia Sedation & Anesthesia Protocols
6. Tips and Tricks for a Technically Smooth Euthanasia
7. Euthanasia Team Support
8. Case Discussion and Review

Internal Medicine

Mark Acierno, DVM, DACVIM

Dr. Mark Acierno received his DVM from Mississippi State University. After an internship in small animal medicine and surgery, he completed an internal medicine residency at Tufts University. Dr. Acierno spent 12 years at the Louisiana State University developing one of the most advanced nephrology programs in the world. He is currently a professor at Midwestern University’s veterinary teaching hospital where his clinical and research interests include hypertension, kidney disease and renal replacement therapies. He also serves as the associate dean for academic affairs. Dr. Acierno has an MBA from Pace University in New York City. Prior to veterinary medicine, he had a career in business and finance. He maintains a special interest in personal finance as it relates to veterinary professionals.  In his spare time, Dr. Acierno enjoys scuba diving, climbing, hiking and exploring the Arizona desert. 

Presentation Synopsis

1. Challenging UTI and Antimicrobial Therapy
2. Kidney Emergencies - Emergency Treatment of Nephrotoxins
3. FLUTD - Help I Cannot Pee!
4. IMHA/ITP - an Internist's Perspective
5. Managing Chronic Enteropathies in Dogs
6. Hypertension - New Guidelines New Recomendations
7. Acute Kidney Injury
8. Improving the Quality of Life for Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease
9. Leptospirosis: Current Recommendations and What is the Risk to Veterinary Professionals
10. Nephrotoxicosis: Ethylene Glycol and Beyond
11. Now How Do We Turn Off This Spigot??? (Diagnosing and Treating Canine Incontinence)
12. Help! Help! I Can’t Pee!! (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
13. Protein Losing Nephropathy
14. Canine Geology (Uroliths)
15. Intro to Dialysis Medicine - How Does it Work and When to Refer
16. An Introduction to Acid / Base Disorders
17. UTI and Antimicrobial Therapy - Since When Don't We Treat Bacteriuria!
19. That Darn Cat! Veterinary Adventures in IBD, Lymphoma and Pancreatitis!